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Position and significance of the castle

The picturesque ruins of the Brandenburg castle lie on the foothills at the beginning of the Thuringia Forest high over the Werra Valley River which meanders past Lauchröden and Herleshausen. The Brandenburg consists of two individual castles, one east and one west; it is one of the largest double castles in Central Germany. Both have large towers and courtyards which form a prominent gateway and distinctive landmark in the Werra valley towards Eisenach. On the eastern castle the dove tail pinnacle, along with the merlon battlements were usually typically found south of the former Staufer Empire lending the castle a special note and charisma.

Due to its location on the trading route from Gerstungen to Eisenach and the “Via Regia” the noble families from the Brandenburg were responsible for escorting the commercial convoys travelling along the trade route. The  dominant double castle also secured helped form a strong alliance for the Thuringia Landgraves who also held positions in two other nearby castles, in Creutzburg, and at the Wartburg, therefore securing a fortified triangular area guarding  the western access route for them






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